InnerWave Body Kinetics - Movement that Heals
What is Unique About the GYROTONIC® method?
  • Builds strength through circular ranges of motion
  • Decompresses joints while strengthening joint-stabilizers
  • Creates whole-body stability using opposition
  • Harmonizes all body systems using rhythm and breath
The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is a movement methodology created by former dancer and athlete, Juliu Horvath. It consists of two inter-related practices: GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®.
GYROKINESIS® is the foundational practice and, like yoga, requires no equipment and can be done anywhere.  In a GYROKINESIS® class, the natural movements of the spine are combined with floor and standing exercises that flow from one movement to the next, like a dance.  Corresponding breathing patterns stimulate and relax the nervous system, energize the body, and oxygenate the blood.
In equipment-based GYROTONIC® training, the same essential movement patterns from GYROKINESIS® are done on speicalized equipment designed by Juliu Horvath.  This unique equipment provides support, resistance and weight-bearing challenge to circular, whole body movements. 
Whether you choose to take a GYROKINESIS® class or do a GYROTONIC® equipment workout, you will arch, curl, and spiral your way to full-body fitness and health, ultimately finding yourself absorbed in a flow of movement, rhythm, and breath.  Your de-conditioned muscles will become stronger, your chronically tight muscles will relax and release.  Joints that feel stuck and congested become more mobile.  Joints needing more strength and connection become more stable.  Ultimately, your entire body will become strong and supple through its fullest natural capacity in all directions.  Rhythmic, fluid, undulating movements will calm and focus your mind.
Why the GYROTONIC® method?
Living in a culture that disregards natural design and rhythm, we must adapt the natural arcs, spirals, and rhythms of our bodies around the square-box design of our chairs, buildings and rigid schedules.  This leaves our bodies feeling fragmented and our minds disconnected from our innate wisdom. The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® aims to overcome this fragmentation by treating the body as a connected, organic whole.  The natural rhythms of heartbeat, breath, and blood flow are harmonized, leaving us calm, centered and strong.
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